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The Companies Act 2013, which makes spending on CSR mandatory for large-scale companies, presents an untapped opportunity for social enterprises as they can now avail of a whole new database of companies. The Marketplace aims to leverage this opportunity by developing an extensive knowledge base to promote thought leadership and create evidence-based practices. The motive is to establish connections and long-term partnerships between key stakeholders to leverage their expertise and skills in meeting with their goals, in a strategic fashion.

CSR Advisory at KCAPL comprises of the following features:
• One-touch facility for companies to express interest in NGOs/SEs
• Captures requirements of companies

  • Developing CSR Strategy

  • As more companies make CSR a mandate, they are also looking at it as a long-term strategy those ties in with their philosophy, values, expertise and business. CSR today is moving away from ad-hoc donations and events to a more long-term strategic engagement that will reap social and business dividends for the company in the long run.
  • Conceptualizing CSR strategy and defining CSR philosophy and objectives
  • Defining vision, mission and funding strategy of the foundation
  • Recommending causes or social initiatives that complement your corporate mandate
  • Conducting a stakeholder needs assessment and recommending initiatives that leverage your expertise and meet your stakeholder's expectations
  • Evaluating internal process and making recommendations to align them with your CSR objectives
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  • Planning and implementing CSR projects

  • An efficient and trusted partner at the grassroots with direct access to beneficiaries is one of the most important components of a successful CSR program.
  • Preparing an implementation roadmap and budgets
  • Selecting NGO or implementation partners and training them to execute your CSR mandate
  • Defining processes and reporting framework to measure outcomes and monitor progress
  • Bridging the resourcing and expertise gaps by training and sensitizing both parties before project implementation
  • Publish periodic reports for company review
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  • Performing stakeholder needs assessment

  • No business can thrive without identifying, nurturing and responding to the needs of its stakeholders. KCAPL undertakes stakeholder assessment to map out their needs and requirements. These include, but are not limited to the following
  • Employee assessments
  • They can range from large scale online surveys to interviews with factory workers to interactions with the senior management
  • Our surveys will help you understand the needs and expectations of your employees, their skill levels, areas of interest; motivation levels etc. and help you map this data to your company's needs and priorities.
  • Community needs assessment
  • Community is an important stakeholder for companies, especially if it has its operations in semi-urban or rural areas and need a 'license to operate' from the local communities. KCAPL can undertake a gamut of activities for such needs assessment studies
  • Primary and secondary research using quantitative and qualitative methods (such as household surveys, interviews with key stakeholders with sarpanch, asha worker, anganwadi worker etc, and interactive participatory research exercises with beneficiaries)
  • Mapping community needs to company resources and interest and making recommendations for CSR programs
Capital Market Advisory

Capital Market Advisory
  • Performing impact assessment of existing CSR programs

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of CSR programs is one of the most important steps in end-to-end implementation of programs.
  • We offer holistic assessments to evaluate the impact of CSR activity on business objectives (increased visibility, brand recognition etc.), on your NGO partners and on community/beneficiaries.
  • Our methodology varies from baseline-endline surveys, Retrospective Pretest model (where no baseline exists), control group comparisons etc.
  • The data collection tools range from semi structured, personal interviews to focus group discussions to administering questionnaires or a combination.
  • The actual mix of research methods will depend upon the sector (education, healthcare, livelihoods etc.), nature of programs and also the profile of the beneficiaries.
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  • Producing bespoke reports for sector knowledge

  • KCAPL key objective is to help our corporate clients with effective CSR programs that are strategic and create significant social impact. We approach this with parallel evidence-seeking research on 'industry sectors'(FMCG, finance, heavy industries, mining etc.) and 'social sectors' (such as education, health, livelihood etc).
  • For programs to be strategic, our research can help you understand the overall industry trends, explore CSR strategies of your peers, and highlight best practices and case studies of successful programs by companies in the industry.
  • To have optimal impact from programs, our research can provide you with sector-specific reports, giving an understanding of the sector, current government and non-government involvement, gaps in provisions, evidence of high-impact interventions etc.
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