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Alternate Investment Funds, AIFs in short, are funds that pool capital from investors, primarily High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and institutions, to invest in one of the asset classes such as Real Estate.

In order to boost the ailing Real Estate Sector, which is sitting on a large inventory of unsold and incomplete projects, there are several Alternate Investment Funds, registered with (SEBI) and that are professionally run by Investment Manager to fund the Real Estate Sector.

One of such Funds named as SWAMIH Investment Fund managed by SBICAP Ventures Ltd, where Government of India, SBI and LIC are the biggest investors, who shall provide the capital, where the eligibility criteria requires NET WORTH positivity of the Project only and this Fund is actually deployed to complete incomplete projects which are even NPA or also in NCLT.

Our Services for Alternative Investment Funds:

1. Registration and structuring to fall under desired category

2. Legal Compliance

3. Drafting of agreements

4. Valuation of financial instruments

5. Business Valuation

6. Due Diligence

7. Taxation related advisory

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