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International Taxation & Regulatory Services

Navigating the complexities of international taxation and regulatory compliance is crucial for multinational corporations establishing operations in India. At KCAPL, we offer expert strategies tailored to optimize tax efficiency and ensure compliance with Indian legislative and regulatory frameworks. Our comprehensive services include:

• Tax-efficient holding company structure.

• Jurisdiction selection best suited to meet the tax and commercial objectives.

• Ease of Capital Funding and optimization of Tax based on appropriate capital structure.

• Ascertain the applicability and mitigation of withholding taxes on cross border payments such as interest, royalties, dividends or branch payments.

• Evaluate foreign tax credits, allocation of expenses principles, permanent establishments risks.

• Helps establish Business models that improves on the permanent risks with regard to:

    » Cross border treasury and finance.

    » Evaluating intellectual property (IP) domicile jurisdiction and structuring intellectual property (IP) transfer in a tax efficient manner.

    » Tax efficient cash repatriation and up streaming;

    » Review of international tax attributes including planning for group Effective Tax Rate reduction.

Partner with KCAPL to leverage our expertise in international taxation and regulatory services. We provide strategic solutions that empower your business to thrive in India's dynamic business environment while ensuring compliance and optimizing tax outcomes.

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