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Other SEBI Related Matters

KCAPL is a renowned SEBI consultant with extensive hands-on experience and a proven track record in the Indian capital market. Our team of experts has been navigating SEBI regulations for years, ensuring compliance and providing strategic guidance.

Our Services include:

• Expert Opinions: Providing well-framed opinions on complex situations related to various SEBI guidelines.

• Stock Exchange Collaboration: Working closely with the National Stock Exchange, BSE Limited, and other regional stock exchanges.

• Assistance in Compliance with SEBI Regulations: Offering comprehensive support to ensure adherence to all SEBI requirements as per SEBI regulations.

• SEBI Regulations on Prohibition of Insider Trading: Providing guidance and support to comply with SEBI's insider trading regulations.

• Security Laws and Guidelines: Navigating security laws, ICDR regulations, and SEBI guidelines.

• Appeal Cases and Consent Orders: Managing appeal cases and securing consent orders.

• Representation: Representing clients before adjudicating bodies.

• Corporate Actions: Facilitating takeovers, buybacks, delisting, dematerialization of shares, and more

Partner with KCAPL for expert guidance and comprehensive services in navigating SEBI regulations and capital market requirements.

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