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RERA Audits


The examination of the control environment in which an entity carries on its business with the objective of increasing its efficiency and effectiveness.


Financial audit includes the examination of:
1. Total number of unit sold, total cash received from buyers and number of units cancelled.
2. Total amount received from financial institutions for the project.
3. All payments including cost of land, registration fee, etc.
4. All other payments including construction, management and marketing related expenses.
5. Issuance of advances to contractors and other parties in cash.
6. Issuance of advances to contractors and other parties in the form bonds and other financial instruments.
7. Retentions money which should be equal to 5% of total funds received.


To review and verify that developers activities are in compliance with the laws and regulation defined by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

Our Services includes:
• Critically analyze and identify the project's completions status according to the applicable rules and regulations.
• Performing real estate audits for completed and underdeveloped projects including financial, operational and compliance audits.
• Performing internal audits to assist the developers to get an insight into their business financial health and identify the risky areas and provide solutions to overcome the risk factors.

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